dijous, de març 02, 2006

Mac mini inside NES (super mega geek)

What makes this mod so ironic is the fact that the NES was one of the gaming pioneers, and the Mac mini can't run a game worth a damn. Shared onboard video? Come on, that would even get horrible FPS playing a NES emulator. It uses an external DVD burner that is attached via USB and will open with the push of the 'Reset' button and even lift up the lid. The power button works and even the controller ports work to allow NES controllers to be used on the Mac. I'm a sucker for craftsmanship, and this mod takes the cake. Very clean cuts, nice design. Good work.

Mac Mini inside a NES Via Gadget Review

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At 1:54 p. m., Blogger NoBrain va dir...

seria molt millor si fos amb la NASA (nintendo pirata) jajja
vaya tela de geeks amb poca feina


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